Maximise Natural Light

Glass roof house extensions allow you to enjoy all the core principles of a modern house extension while opening up the ceiling to offer enhanced natural light allowance and skyward views. Due to their modern design, you are able to do this without missing out on contemporary security or thermal efficiency. These roofs combine masonry piers and high-performance glazing to give a real feel of solidity across the board, allowing them to seamlessly blend into the structural integrity of the rest of the build. Further to this, they outclass their solid or polycarbonate counterparts by reducing any noise from the rain while still opening up your property to a bright and spacious feel.

Modern Bespoke Design
Top Quality Materials
Professional Installation
Complete Customer Support

Exceptional Build

All of our glass roof house extensions are completed with the latest fittings, as well as a beautiful wall finish that is available in a wide range of textures and colours for you to choose from. Alongside this, we also install a selection of door options: including bi-fold doors that serve to create a seamless connection to your garden. We know that getting the right ‘feel’ in your home is important. This is why we offer a range of lighting and speaker options that are expertly integrated into your extension design.

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Lasting Quality

Premium grade materials, the latest design tools, and professional craftsmanship combine to ensure your new extension stands the test of time. With this in mind, you won’t have to worry about a poor installation deteriorating over time. This is important, as inferior structural integrity can cause both performance and safety issues. Further to this, you can rest assured that you’re getting a worthwhile investment for your home and for your money. To help secure this further, we accompany all of our house extensions with a comprehensive guarantee.

Full Service Installation

All aspects of your glass roof house extension installation will be covered by us. From the planning right through to the management and build, our expert team will be by your side to minimise the hassle and stress that often accompany a poor service. As getting the right fit is important to guaranteeing high standards of performance and aesthetics, we build all of our house extensions to your specifications. All you’ll need to do is speak to a member of our team and we’ll be on hand to get this process rolling.

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Our Project Management

Other Features

Whether you’re after a cutting-edge look, or something a bit more traditional, we can help you get the right feel through a selection of customisation options. This includes a wide range of interior plaster finishes, each one offering its own unique charm and texture. Further to this, we also offer a wide spectrum of window and door styles to help you customise the access points, as well as bespoke lighting placement to help you light your new room how you see fit. It’s never been easier to extend your living space, while still making it feel like home.

Gone are the days when house extensions performed to a different degree than the rest of your home. All of our glass roof house extensions are fitted with thermal efficiency features that work to trap in the warmth from your central heating. In turn, this not only means that you’ll stay warmer for a longer period of time, it also means that you could find yourself saving money on your heating costs across the course of the year. All in all, our glass roof house extensions will simply offer you more for your property.

As a guiding hand along the way, we assign a dedicated project manager to your installation from start to finish. Better yet, this manager works on your project until completion. With this, you’ll be able to enjoy an attentive approach every step of the way, with daily visits and professional consultancy ensuring you enjoy the standard of quality that is supposed to be achieved. You won’t have to worry about any crossed-purposes, poor installation, or unnecessary delays stopping you from enjoying this new addition to your home.